View from Eden Park

The Office of Zoning Administration has approved a Verizon Wireless cell phone tower to be located at Eden Park, 11521 Memory Park Lane.

The new, 60-foot mono-pine tower concealing the Wireless Telecommunications Facility (WTF) will be located approximately 345 feet north of Rinaldi Street and approximately 63 feet west of Memory Park Avenue; the associated equipment will be located within a 210 square foot leased area adjacent to the tower. The mono-pine’s branching is proposed to begin at 20 feet in height.

The associated equipment will be screened from the public by the existing buildings and existing wrought-iron fencing on Memory Park Avenue and a screened chain-link fence on the service road immediately to the south of the mono-pine. The approximately 210 square-foot leased area will include the WTF and associated facilities.

Letter exempting the project from the Environmental Quality Act:

ZA-2019-4361-CUW_Signed LOD