vny vision study uses map

The Van Nuys Airport is conducting a Vision Study. We are eager to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to complete the questionnaire that was recently distributed in connection with the public open houses in April. For this reason, LAWA is making the questionnaire available until 12:00 PM on June 7, 2023 to allow for additional feedback.

The questionnaire is located on our project website at We encourage you to also review the background information materials which support the questionnaire and are posted on the project website. This is the information that was presented at the public Open Houses on April 19th and 22nd. Keep in mind that the Vision Study alternatives A, B and C are preliminary and are designed to promote discussion and generate ideas.

The VNY Vision Study will inform an updated land use layout for VNY, and specific project development is not a purpose of the VNY Vision Study. When the VNY Vision Study is completed, we will share a recommended land use layout with the community and the City Planning Department (LACP) as a roadmap for the City’s community plan update efforts and potential Airport Plan update or other planning tool. The update of the Airport Plan is under the jurisdiction of the LACP and subject to their approval to move forward. We look forward to hearing from you.