Thanks to a bill signed into law in June by Governor Gavin Newsom, all registered voters in California are receiving a mail-in ballot. Voting by mail is a safe and valid voting option. Of course, if you want to drop off your ballot, or prefer in-person voting, those options remain available.

Recently, the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk announced a simple way to track your Vote by Mail Ballot every step of the way. You can subscribe today to receive real-time tracking notifications by text, email, or voice mail. Click here to get started!

And although the presidential election is getting most of the attention, remember that your community’s future is at stake, too. Find Your District today to learn what congressional, city council and school district you live in (and more!) Do your research so you can vote down-ballot on local representatives and County and city measures.

Civic engagement is your chance to write history, and without it, the fabric of democracy can unravel. The world is watching. Future generations will wonder who acted at this pivotal time in history. Make sure that you can say that you showed up for your country and voted.

Elections are decided by the people who show up (or mail-in!), so make sure you are election-ready today at!