Stakeholder Jeffrey Poskin recently inquired about the status of the Post Office in Mission Hills:

As a long time Mission Hills CA 91345 resident, I’m inquiring if there are any plans to add back a much needed US Post Office anywhere in the Mission Hills area? We’ve had two for many years, both were taken away.

As you know, for decades, we had two PO’s locally. One nice little one on Devonshire, near Sepulveda, was first entirely demolished several years back. It remains an unattended empty lot. Another, larger facility, was on Sepulveda at Brand. It was recently closed for good. Both, around for decades, were unceremoniously removed. Poof, gone.

We do have a tiny, very old and now seriously overworked, PO still open in the city of San Fernando. And others are in Granada Hills, Sylmar, Van Nuys etc. All these are functioning, at least. I won’t comment on their various conditions. But now, no PO’s at all are located within reasonable walking distance inside the Mission Hills area. Why?

MHNC President Joe Fuchs reached back and checked in with Councilwoman Rodriguez’ office who referred him to federal resources. Poskin was able to get a reply finally from Congressman
Cárdenas office:

…our MH PO is apparently on a list for an alternate location and is being sought out, according to them. Something will be found within 8-12 months.

And from Senator Padilla’s Office:

The Post Office he was inquiring about lost its lease, and now facilities is looking for a new place for our retail department.

Reply from USPS Caseworker:

He explained their long-held USPS lease was lost on the Sepulveda at Brand property and that Hamer Toyota had acquired the lot and was going to be expanding into that spot for themselves… The USPS caseworker, named ART STILLWELL (sp?) was very kind and gave me his direct number as well for any further questions or ideas on this. You are welcome to pursue more if you wish. His direct contact number at USPS is:
661-775-6642, Art Stillwell USPS.

He also told me they are hoping to acquire a lease for the old, now closed Rite Aid further South on Sepulveda at Devonshire but have no guarantee it will work. Sounds ideal to me but it seems several local property owners don’t want to lease to the USPS necessarily. Maybe you have a connection there? I also suggested the old P.O. location at the now vacant lot on Devonshire behind the BofA. That was long torn down of course, but yet the lot still just sits there empty now … for years. He said that owner doesn’t want to lease to USPS. He informed me that they have the same issue(s) happening in Granada Hills / Northridge looking for new spaces there also, for about 2 years. I told him I was frankly quite surprised that the USPS does not actually long own their properties outright rather than leasing them…

If you or anyone in the Council have an idea for a new Mission Hills Post Office location, please let him know directly. He seems quite open to any community help. I suggested that nebulous large area next to the San Fernando Mission by the MH Fire Dept., with its 2 boarded-up houses. He said he would look into it but thought the property might be owned by the cemetery. He wasn’t sure. Anyone should feel free to take any other ideas to him they may have.