Last month, the Mission Hills Neighborhood Council sent a letter to our City Councilman, Richard Alarcón, asking for his assistance in preventing an 8-1/2 foot wall in a residential area of Mission Hills.

To read a copy of the original letter to the Councilman, click here.

We recently received a reply from Councilman Alarcón and wanted to share it with our stakeholders.

To read the reply, click here. It is a 14-page PDF file (2.5 Mb), so it may take a minute or two to download, depending on your internet connection.

Mission Hills Neighborhood Council is asking you, our stakeholders, to place a phone call to the office of the Councilman in support of our position to deny the construction of the 8 1/2 foot wall in an all-residential area of Mission Hills. Construction of the wall is currently underway.

Here are a few ways to contact Councilman Alarcón’s office:

City Hall Office
200 N. Spring Street, Room 470
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 847-7777 Tele
(213) 847-0707 Fax

Pacoima District Office
13630 Van Nuys Blvd.
Pacoima, CA 91331
(818) 756-9115 Tele
(818) 756-9270 Fax

Email Councilman Alarcón

Email the councilman’s Chief of Staff, Saeed Ali

The following is the text of the letter than the MHNC Board sent to Councilman Alarcón in regards to this matter.

Mr. Richard Alarcón:

The Mission Hills Neighborhood Council is requesting your assistance in halting the construction of a 8 ½ foot wall that is currently underway at 10355 Columbus Ave. on an all residential street.  We have already submitted a letter to you, with the specific reasons to our opposition to this project on May 24, 2011.

As of today, we have not received an official response from your office, which is frankly quite worrying and at the very least disturbing given the magnitude of the impact that our residents in this neighborhood will endure if this project is not halted immediately. We feel that it is your responsibility to act on this matter with a decisive demeanor in the favor of the majority of residents.

The Mission Hills Neighborhood Council is also requesting that your staff that handles Zoning and Land Use matters immerse themselves in this issue as a directive from your behalf as soon as possible. Our Zoning and Land Use Committee Chair, Jerrilyn Paley could use their assistance in navigating the Office of Zoning Administration.

In conclusion, the MHNC is ready and willing to spend the necessary energy to advocate on behalf of our residents. We are also contemplating to take this matter to the floor of the City Council to ask for a just recourse in this matter. Of course, we hope and trust that your office will help us resolve this matter in a positive for the residents of this neighborhood.

Respectfully Submitted,

David Guzman
President, Board of Governors

Jerrilyn Hayashi
Chair, Zoning & Land Use Committee

MHNC Board of Governors

To read a copy of the original letter to Councilman Alarcón, click here.

Mission Hills Neighborhood Council and Providence Holy Cross Hospitals have teamed together to provide this free Emergency Preparedness Handbook to our stakeholders.

Click here to download your copy today.

This handbook has been designed to provide you with important information to assist in planning for and making proactive decisions and plans to prepare you in the event of an emergency situation.

Please review this information with your family, and any others whom you may be relying on in the case of an emergency situation such as day care providers, neighbors, or your out-of-town emergency contacts. Keep this information with your emergency supply kit and review it periodically and make updates as necessary.

The last few pages of this handbook contain pages for you to create your personal emergency management plan. Please take some time to carefully document this important information, and provide copies to those involved in your plan. It is also suggested to make additional copies and keep them where you can access them easily when you need them – the glove box of your car, your desk drawer at work, or your friends and relatives.

The goal is to ensure that families are safe and can properly respond in the event of an emergency situation.

The Mission Area Community-Police Advisory Board provided 36 disaster preparedness tips to supplement last weeks message.

This is John Romero, Commanding Officer, Mission Patrol Division. After last weeks message, the Co-Chair of the Mission Area Community-Police Advisory Board forwarded to me a list of 36 tips. I have included them below for your consideration.

1. Keep emergency packs in each of your vehicles. Commercially available packs sell for about $40 (for two people) or about $80 (for four people). They have a shelf life of about 5 years.

2. Have at least an extra 3 day supply of your medication.

3. Be trained by the LAFD for CERT – “Community Emergency Response Team”.

4. Matzoh crackers can last a long time. Keep a package in your vehicle as well as at home.

5. Keep a warm jacket and a light weight jacket in your vehicle trunk, a hard hat is also a good idea.

6. Keep a “First Aid” kit in your vehicle with bottled water.

7. Make sure all of your important documents are together for easy removal access.

8. Keep a flash light, extra change of clothes and toilet paper in your vehicle.

9. Keep extra flash light batteries in your vehicle and at home.

10. Have a list of your contacts printed out where all family members know where to find it.

11. Have a fire extinguisher and remember to gently turn extinguisher at least once a month to keep
its contents loose. DO NOT test them or they won’t be any good.

12. Keep non-perishable items, blankets and enough water for 5 to 7 days per person and the family pet(s).

13. A good rule is to buy more bottled water once your supply is down to 2 cases.

14. A great food to keep on hand is canned “Spam”, it lasts a very long time.

15. Keep slippers by the bed and a pair of tennis shoes under the bed. Disasters come at any time.

16. You can use the water in your “hot-water tank” it holds 40 gallons, can be used to flush toilets too.

17. Keep a battery operated radio with batteries on hand as well as a landline phone with a phone jack. When the electric is out your cordless phones won’t work.

18. Keep a wrench attached on or near your natural “gas meter and always check for leaks after a disaster.

19. Keep CASH” on hand. ATM machines will not work without electricity.

20. Have a “fire-proof” box for family photos and important documents.

21. Have a “family plan. Where to meet up if you’re away from home and practice plan with your kids.

22. Child proof your cabinets and remember extra child/baby supplies: Diapers, formula etc.

23. Don’t forget the family pets. Have extra pet food, medication, leash and water for them.

24. Some HOA Complexes have 300 gallons of water stored for all residents. Does yours?”

25. A bed-side port-a-potty is also a great idea to store, as is kitty litter to help with the odor.

26. A portable generator is a big help as is candles and matches for a last resort. Though candles can be dangerous.

27. Discuss family plan options. Know your neighbors and a pre-paid phone card is also a good idea.

28. Check off action plan items with family so you know everything has been covered and understood.

29. Have a can opener on hand and or a P-38 (a small can opener that can be kept on your key chain).

30. Always keep your vehicle half full of fuel as well as a list of out-of-state contacts. You will more than likely be able to call another state before you can call your neighbor.

31. Keep charcoal on hand and first use freezer items as they will be the first perishable items to go bad.

32. Rotate food supplies from your emergency preparedness boxes at least every 6 months.

33. Keep a whistle on hand to gain attention or if you get separated.

34. Large heavy trash bags work well to line toilets in case the toilets can not be flushed. Tie up top and discard.

35. Keep on hand all sizes of extra batteries not only for flash lights but for those hand held games for the kids.

36. Print out your cell phone list. Once cell phones are non-operable for a period of time you will loose all of your contact information.

For full details, go to

Contact Information:
John Romero
Mission Patrol Division

Conditional Use Permit & Entitlement Application for:
Subject Property: Residence at
10355 N. Columbus Ave., Mission Hills, CA
Applicant: Dean Anderson, Owner

Council District: 7
Community Plan Area: Mission Hills, Panorama City, North Hills
Certified Neighborhood Council: Mission Hills Neighborhood Council

Case No. ZA-2010-2968-ZAA Request Type: Conditional Use Permit and Entitlement Application for height, yard and building line adjustments < 20% (Slight Modifications).

Case No. ENV-2010-2969-CE (Categorical Exemption) Request Type: Conditional Use Permit and Entitlement Application to construct an OVER-IN-HEIGHT FRONT YARD FENCE ABOVE EIGHT (8) FEET (block / wrought iron  wall with decorative lighting). Owner has requested to waive Public Hearing.

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The Boundary Review Committee for Los Angeles County has launched a website where residents can participate in the reapportionment of supervisorial districts.

The website,, informs residents about the reapportionment process and allows them to express their views.

It also includes background information on the Boundary Review Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on how the five districts should be redrawn.

Free redistricting software is also on the site to allow people to draw their own districts.

“Our goal is to educate and empower county residents to become involved in this process,” said Supervisor Michael Antonovich. “The website is user-friendly, enabling all residents to access information and develop plans.

The committee is composed of residents from throughout the county and nominated by individual supervisors.