Pothole Truck

Small Asphalt Street Repairs (SAR) for Mission Hills- July 31st– Nominate a Location!

The Bureau of Street Services has scheduled a Small Asphalt Repairs (SAR) truck for the Mission Hills Neighborhood Council to perform small asphalt repairs on 7/31/19. (see FAQ below). MHNC was asked to submit their top 15 nominations for consideration by 7/23/19.

One small asphalt repair (SAR) truck, consisting of 2 workers and asphalt, will be dispatched to repair selected locations.

Please submit your requests to MHNC by July 19.

Please include the nearest street address and description of the problem as in this downloadable Excel file: Repair Request Form.

Members of the MHNC board will visit the recommended sites and submit a prioritized list to the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services.

To submit your request, CLICK HERE 

We look forward to seeing your responses. Thank you!

Suggestions by Bureau of Street Services

    • Select high visibility locations:
      • Parks, schools, churches, places people congregate
    • If possible, select locations which reduce travel time; less travel time for the truck equals higher production in the neighborhood
    • If you choose, we may be able to complete a slightly larger project in your neighborhood, this will be determined at the time of inspection

Criteria used by some neighborhood councils

  • Crosswalks
  • Intersections
  • High volume alleys

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Neighborhood Council Initiative (“Blitz”)?
Mayor Garcetti and Bureau of Street Services collaborating to meet the Mayor’s goal of getting back to basics

2. How is this program getting back to basics?
A pothole truck is assigned to work in a different Neighborhood Council (NC) every day.
Each Neighborhood Council receives personalized small asphalt repair service for a day

3. How does this program work?
The Bureau’s Neighborhood Council Initiative Representative contacts an NC Executive Board via e-mail.
The e-mail informs the NC Executive Board of the date the work is going to take place, the format to use when submitting locations for inspection, and the last day to submit locations for inspection.
The locations submitted are inspected and repairs are scheduled.

4. Who determines which locations will be addressed?
The NC Exec Board forwards its priorities to Street Services NC Initiative Representative.
The Bureau’s Representative determines which locations can be completed with the resources and time allocated.
The NC is informed which locations will be repaired.

5. What resources are allocated for this program?
1 small asphalt repair (SAR) truck, consisting of 2 workers and asphalt, is dispatched to repair neighborhood selected locations.

6. What type of repairs can be addressed with this program?
Small asphalt repairs include:

Potholes and pop outs
Skin patching of eroded or cracked areas
Some sidewalk and curb repairs
Some repairs on concrete streets

7. What happens in case of inclement weather?
In case of rain or inclement weather the neighborhood council is informed of cancellation and the work is rescheduled.

8. Which neighborhood councils are involved?
Every NC is invited to participate in the program by submitting locations important to their neighborhood when they receive the notice from the Bureau’s Representa