submitted by Fred Ginsburg

DONE is finally catching up on their reporting. A few days ago they posted our more recent activity. For the longest while, DONE had only reported up to Aug 24. Now, they are close to being current.

In terms of our Demand Warrants, DONE is up to date. Payments did go out in Sept for the newsletter, and the projectionist services for Movie in the Park. Thrifty Answering Service received two payments; DONE will not pay them for services in advance, but is paying their invoices month by month. The system seems to be working.

Enclosed are copies of our fiscal reports, prepared in QuickBooks. Since we do not have that many transactions, I have printed out everything to date.

Yolanda has finally sent us the missing W9 and copy of flyer from the Cesar Chavez March last year. DONE had refused to pay the original Demand Warrant that the previous Treasurer had submitted for the $750; and had returned the paperwork to us, pending the inclusion of those new documents. Since this allocation was a passed motion from last year, and is reflected on our current budget as a rollover expenditure, it will be re-submitted for payment. Note that the expenditure does come out of the rollover funds from last year, and not from this year’s budget of 45k.

A reminder to all committee chairs…. You must get permission from the President and/or Treasurer BEFORE taking any actions to encumber the MHNC, such as ordering printed materials, or committing MHNC to support an event. We will determine if the request falls within the established guidelines of the budget and DONE policies. Only very Minor expenditures may be approved immediately, but all major expenditures MUST be approved by the entire BOG.

There is NO petty cash, and no personal reimbursements for monies laid out on MHNC behalf! Demand Warrants (check requests) may take a long time to process, so do not promise any vendors speedy payment unless we can do it with a credit card.

Any funds voted to go as a contribution towards an event or organization must be paid to specific vendors for services/goods provided for that event. DONE does not allow us to make a general donation; however, we can help pay for specific expenses. In addition to receipts, we must also have copies and/or photos of flyers and banners (at the event) proving that MHNC received promotion & recognition. I remind everyone of this just in case you decide to contribute to the Vets Parade.

Respectfully submitted,
Fred Ginsburg, MHNC Treasurer