Update March 23, 2020: All meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Mid-February Update: As you may be aware, we did a big outreach effort in January in advance of our February 3, 2020 meeting to recruit and seat new Board Members to make a difference in Mission Hills, because without new members we would not be able to meet.

At our February 3 meeting we unfortunately did not have enough Board Members present to hold our meeting and seat new members. But good news! We did have six people express interest in joining the Board.

At this point our EmpowerLA Representative from the City, Freddy Cupen-Ames is working with MHNC President Dean Anderson to prepare for the next meeting on April 6. They will reach out to the six people to ask them to complete an application for a Board seat.

As none of these six people have been seated yet, all of the below seats are still open and all comers are encouraged to apply. As of the February 3 meeting, we still have two seats for which we have yet to receive interest: Business Owner and one Homeowner, so if you are interested and fit that description, we especially encourage you to apply.

List of open seats. Please see the April 6, 2020 Special Board Agenda for seat qualifications.

  • Business Owner Stakeholder
  • At-Large Stakeholder (2 seats)
  • Organizational Stakeholder / Employee Stakeholder
  • Residential Homeowner Stakeholder (2 seats)
  • Residential Renter Stakeholder
  • Youth

Please complete the fillable PDF MHNC Board Member Application as soon as possible and send it to MHNC President Dean Anderson and Freddy Cupen-Ames. Please include two documents proving your stakeholder status. Refer to the attached City Clerk Election Handbook and Documentation Guide to know what the City Clerk accepts as a form of ID for stakeholder or community interest.

Also, we apologize for misinformation previously shared on Facebook that an application would not be required.

We do plan to seat new members at the April meeting and get started working together! So we hope you will apply right away and join us in this adventure for Mission Hills.

Our meeting is planned for Monday, April 6, 7pm at the Mission Hills Community Police Station.

Next Steps:
Your application will be reviewed by the Executive Board for completed applications. If there are incomplete applications the Executive Board will be contacting you to ensure that your application is complete. Then during the Special Meeting on April 6, 2020, the MHNC Existing Board according to the Loss of Quorum Policy will be selecting and appointing individuals who indicated their interest in becoming a Board Member for the remainder of the Seat’s term until that seat’s election period.

At that meeting, the Board will be appointing members until the Board meets quorum. The Board can either continue appointing to fill all vacancies from the applications provided or move on to the General Board Meeting with agenda items to be voted on and passed. If you are chosen to be appointed by the remainder of the Existing Board, Freddy Cupen-Ames will be providing you (as a newly appointed Board Member) a physical Code of Conduct to sign, date, and give back for submission to EmpowerLA Rosters for you to be eligible to vote on non-funding items.