The annual budget is a plan for the utilization of the NC’s financial resources. It should be used as a strategic financial road map to conduct activities and efforts that will help the NC achieve its mission, goals, and objectives. The budget should include the input of stakeholders, be accessible, and comply with the rules that govern the use of NC public funds.

As a planning tool, the annual budget allows the NC board to allocate its funds, both regular annual funds and rollover funds, if any, into the following Expenditure Categories:
1. General and Operational Expenditures
i. Office/Operational
ii. Outreach
iii. Elections
2. Neighborhood Purposes Grants (NPGs)
3. Community Improvement Projects (CIPs)

The Mission Hills NC 2019-2020 Administrative package was prepared by the Finance & Budget Committee  and approved by the Board at our MHNC Meeting on July 1.