North Valley Caring Services Food Pantry

At our November 1, 2021 Meeting, the Mission Hills Neighborhood Council voted to help fund the food pantry of the North Valley Caring Services to feed the needy through their Thanksgiving Pantry on November 19 and their Christmas Pantry on December 17, as well as their Meal and Gift Outreach on December 14 and 22.

Mission Hills Neighborhood Council is grateful for the great work North Valley Caring Services is doing for Mission Hills.

In addition to the $3,000 we funded for the food pantries, we began the process to get utility art boxes in Mission Hills. We are writing a letter to Councilmember Monica Rodriguez requesting her support in sponsoring the project.

We have heard concerns from stakeholders regarding street racing, so we approved a Community Impact Statement in support of City Council File 21-0975, the Street Racing Ordinance proposal regarding promoting, participating in and spectating at street racing: CIS In Support of Council File 21-0975 Against Street Racing Promotions

Join us next month as we continue to work with you for Mission Hills!