From your Mission Hills Neighborhood Watch:

Here is information regarding an alert on mail thieves. I realize it states Hollywood Hills/North Hollywood but they have also hit Mission Hills about 2 weeks ago. At least for those who have reported it.

Mail Thieves Target Hollywood Hills/North Hollywood

Two men, working in tandem, are apparently stealing mail in the Hollywood Hills/North Hollywood area.    And at least one homeowner has caught the brazen thieves on camera. Twice! Neighbors say they have lost valuable checks and other items.                                                                                                                  

Neighbors are fed-up.                                                                                                                                                

One theft victim says, “You can see them hitting every single mailbox on the street.”                                     

One resident on Laurel Canyon caught the two smooth criminals stealing mail last week alone.

Another resident victim says, “It’s incredible how comfortable they are.”

             Helpful Tips:

  • Get mailboxes that lock.
  • Hand your mail to the carrier instead of leaving it in your mailbox.
  • If you’re going out of town, have the post office hold your mail.
  • Ask your bank for secure checks that cannot be altered


Stay alert: If you’re not able to be home when the mail arrives have a neighbor pick it up for you or get a lock for your mailbox. Mail thieves have been in Mission Hills as well. Last report was taken from a residence on Mayall Street. Some neighbors in various locations of Mission Hills have seen this middle aged Latino man wearing a straw hat, riding a bike and has a black or dark blue backpack and has seen him following mail carriers. If you see you mail carrier, make sure you alert them to call police whenever they see someone that seems to be following them. Also alert our Senior Lead Officer Phil Ruiz and leave him a phone message at 818-838-9843.