4% of City’s buildings use half of our electricity

A program initiated by a Councilmembers Huizar and Blumenfield motion to save energy by working with the City’s largest energy consumers to better track their usage and increase their efficiency is scheduled to be considered by the Los Angeles City Council next week. The plan would require buildings 20,000 square-feet or larger to report annually energy- and water-use rates to the Department of Building and Safety.

A mere four percent of L.A. buildings use half of the total electricity in the city, so this program is a crucial aspect of the conservation goals set for Los Angeles. By 2020, the City of L.A. aims to reduce energy usage by 15 percent. To help us get there, every five years these high energy users – as well as City buildings larger than 15,000 square-feet – will be required to take action to reduce water and energy use, such as through self-audits or Energy Star certifications.