What to do about vans of homeless people in your neighborhood?

We recently were contacted by a stakeholder regarding a growing number of vans along Stranwood Avenue in Mission Hills. These vans have also attracted men roaming the street looking at the parked cars.

We reached out to Council District 7’s Mary McAdam and Senior Lead Officer Ruiz of the LAPD Mission Division as well as reporting the problem via 311. The stakeholder who contacted us replied that she heard from Officer Ruiz who took action right away.

“We are grateful for the quick response from Officer Ruiz and Mary McAdam in making Mission Hills safer for everyone,” said Mission Hills Neighborhood Council President Joe Fuchs.

Steps you can take to address homeless situations in your neighborhood:

  1. Report it using the 311 app
  2. Contact Council District 7 at mary.macadam@lacity.org
  3. Contact the County of Los Angeles for individuals with substance abuse/mental health/medical concerns
  4. If the encampment is on freeway property, please contact DOT and make a service request. Because the issue may easily migrate between DOT grounds and the city, it is recommended that you contact both at the same time, so they might coordinate.
  5. Contact your Senior Lead Officer Ruiz: 31524@lapd.online

Find your Senior Lead Officer in the map below:

Senior Lead Officers