Mission Hills is home to:
· the San Fernando Mission (Mission San Fernando Rey de España) which was founded in 1797,
· the Andres Pico Adobe which is the 2nd oldest adobe home in the City of Los Angeles and built around 1834,
· Memory Garden in Brand Park, where many wedding photos are taken annually,
· Providence Holy Cross Hospital, which was completed in 1962,
· Fire Station 75, which opened in 1959,
· Mission Area Community Police Station, established on May 1, 2005,
· San Jose Street Elementary School, which opened up in 1956,
· and a landmark in Mission Hills for over 50 years: The Bear Pit, which opened in 1954.

Most of our residents remember “Dennis Park Bakery”, which was established in the early 1950s. It got its name from our community, named “Dennis Park” at the time. When our community was first being developed back in 1951-53 with a large sub division to come along in 1955, we were called Dennis Park. The voice of our community was the Chamber of Commerce. A movement by several local residents and established businesses to change the name of the community occurred and a vote was held on whether to officially change the name from Dennis Park to “Mission Hills”. The election held in 1956 resulted with 65% in favor of the name being changed to “Mission Hills”. The name was chosen with the “Mission” in mind. By 1959, the sign welcoming you to Dennis Park was taken down and was repainted with “Welcome to Mission Hills”. Where this sign ended up throughout the years is a mystery.