Goose Egg.

There were NO robberies reported within the boundaries of LAPD’s Mission Area last week.

“Frankly, I can’t remember another week when that happened, not even Christmas week,” said Lt. Paul Vernon.

So how does that compare?

In the prior 4 weeks there were: 5, 14, 8, and 5, respectively.

This year, the weekly average of robberies is 7.

One-quarter to one-third of the robberies are what’s called ESTES (court case) robberies, where a shoplifter at a store is confronted by security then then the thief uses force to overcome resistance to arrest in order to keep the stolen loot and get away.  Such action elevates a petty theft to a robbery, by law.

Year to date, there have been 219 robberies in the Mission Area, compared to 238 last year, a drop of 8 percent.

by Lt. Paul Vernon

Mission Det. Division

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