Click here to view the recap of the meeting. (Note: this letter was a submission from community stakeholder, Elizabeth Marx. This letter does not express the views or recommendations of the ZALUC committee or the Board of Governors. Also, this letter is not the minutes from the meeting.)

A couple items of note to Mission Hills stakeholders:

  • The Mission Hills Plaza (NW corner of Sepulveda/Devonshire) is due to be finished with its redevelopment in 2013.
  • Ralphs and some other stores in the shopping center will be replaced.  A few companies have shown interest.  In terms of zoning laws, the developer can put whatever businesses in there that they want.
  • The developer would like a list of stores that Mission Hills stakeholders would like to see as replacements (For example Trader Joe’s was one of the suggestions at the meeting).  Please send suggestions to the Mission Hills Neighborhood Council.  You can also add comments below with your suggestions.

Note: Not all stores are planned for replacement.  For a full recap, please read the link above.