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Visioning Workshop

From Councilmember Monica Rodriguez:

We often face challenges, individually and as a community that can feel insurmountable. From the struggles associated with poverty to the endless battles with illegal dumping. The many challenges we face will never be solved by government efforts alone. We must develop the awareness that grows reports for service to MyLA311, share resources with our struggling neighbors, and empower our community to work collaboratively to achieve our shared public safety goals.

It’s why I led the creation of a Youth Council here in the 7th District, created Operation Bright S.P.O.T. to refresh and clean our most heavily used corridors. It’s why we’re holding community visioning workshops, which were canceled due to the pandemic last year, and creating a volunteer Corps so that we can work on solving these many challenges together.

As our city budget awaits federal relief, we remain financially constrained from the impacts of COVID-19. As vaccination efforts continue, we must work together to make sure everyone, young and old protects themselves and our community so we can begin the healing and recovery we’re all so eager to see. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about these efforts below. I look forward to our partnership.

Sign Up: http://bit.ly/HowAreWeDoingDistrict7

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