Mission Hills Neighborhood Council and Providence Holy Cross Hospitals have teamed together to provide this free Emergency Preparedness Handbook to our stakeholders.

Click here to download your copy today.

This handbook has been designed to provide you with important information to assist in planning for and making proactive decisions and plans to prepare you in the event of an emergency situation.

Please review this information with your family, and any others whom you may be relying on in the case of an emergency situation such as day care providers, neighbors, or your out-of-town emergency contacts. Keep this information with your emergency supply kit and review it periodically and make updates as necessary.

The last few pages of this handbook contain pages for you to create your personal emergency management plan. Please take some time to carefully document this important information, and provide copies to those involved in your plan. It is also suggested to make additional copies and keep them where you can access them easily when you need them – the glove box of your car, your desk drawer at work, or your friends and relatives.

The goal is to ensure that families are safe and can properly respond in the event of an emergency situation.