The East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Project held community meetings June 11, 12 & 15, 2019 to identify paths to walk or bike to planned train stations. The purpose of these meetings is ultimately to provide input into developing station area plans. So far the project team has conducted walk audits around stations and designed draft pathway access to stations.

First Mile Before After

This rail project is planned to run from the Van Nuys Orange line station north on Van Nuys through Panorama City, Arleta and Pacoima and then turn to head north on San Fernando terminating at the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink station. It is anticipated that it would take 29 minutes to travel the length of the route with a capacity of  50,000 riders a day.

thumbnail of map_corridor_esfv

The map above shows the 14 stops. The project will be light rail running in the median of Van Nuys Blvd and along the Metrolink tracks adjacent to San Fernando Blvd. It will take advantage of existing parking at the Sylmar station on the north, the Orange Line station on the south and the Van Nuys Metrolink station in the middle.

Paxton Station Plan

The Metro Board approved the project June 2018. They are expecting to award the design contract July 2019 with construction to begin in 2022 and finish by 2028.

ESFV First Last Mile Workshop Presentation

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