Mission Hills residents’ questions are not being addressed.

December 7, 2011

Mr. David Guzman
President, Mission Hills Neighborhood Council
Post Office Box 7604
Mission Hills, CA 91345

Dear Mr. Guzman,

Thank you for your letter regarding the responsibility for sidewalk repair and LAMC Section 62.104 subsection (e). Dan Rosales from my staff has kept me apprised of your concerns and the movement of the matter through the Council process. I know that Dan has been in communication with members of your Board and attended a recent Mission Hills Neighborhood Council Board meeting to discuss the issue with your Neighborhood Council and residents in attendance. As he explained at the meeting, we are tracking the item and, as of now, do not see any movement of the item, which is currently being held in the Public Works Committee awaiting a report.

While we do not currently see movement, I do anticipate changes in committee assignments when the new Council President takes office early next year. As soon as we know who the new chair person will be, we could ask them if they anticipate moving the item forward. However, one of my concerns for that would be bringing it to the attention of the new Chair and by doing so putting his or her focus on the policy. Strategically, it may be best to “let sleeping dogs lie” on this one rather than pushing the Chairperson’s hand to take a position or take action.

My general feeling is that most of my colleagues are not interested in moving this matter forward or supporting a change to the current sidewalk repair policy. However, the City budget being what it is these days, every new budget cycle means that the Council and Mayor need to find new ways to become more efficient with the spending of our resources or find new avenues for revenue. Which means this could be on the table again in the future.

I know that a number of Neighborhood Councils, including Granada Hills South, Coastal San Pedro, Harbor Gateway North, Northwest San Pedro, Studio City and Encino Neighborhood Councils, have submitted Community Impact Statements regarding this matter to be part of the Council File Index. I would recommend that the Mission Hills Neighborhood Council consider submitting one as well, so your voice is on record with the City concerning this item.

Thank you for contacting me regarding this issue. I appreciate your commitment to our community and your continued involvement in issues that impact our neighborhoods and the City of Los Angeles. Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.

Yours truly,
Councilmember, District Seven