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Zoning and Land Use is considered to be a permanent and on-going function of the MHNC. The Zoning and Land Use Committee is a standing committee consisting of Community Stakeholders and Board Members who shall be appointed as deemed necessary by the Board and by the Committee itself. The Zoning and Land Use Committee:
· Shall meet at least once every quarter.
· Shall be chaired by a Stakeholder of the MHNC area and may be a MHNC Board Member.
· Shall be comprised of no more than three (3) Board-approved Board Members so that a majority of a quorum of the Board of Governors will not be present at its committee meetings.
· Shall be comprised of a minimum of at least four (4) Committee-member Stakeholders and an unlimited number of Stakeholder participants. Any Stakeholder may chose to be a member of this committee and there is no limitation to the membership and as members they should be present at all committee meetings. Participants shall be defined as Stakeholders who attend committee meetings on an occasional by-issue-of-importance-to-them basis.
· Shall be expected to convey the wishes of the Community to the Los Angeles Department of Planning regarding any entity having a desire to construct, rebuild, remodel, rezone, or modify in any way, property within the Mission Hills Community.
· Shall, of its own volition, engage the Community in and inform the Community of the Zoning and Land Use issues within Mission Hills, educate the community with regard to the process necessary to communicate their responses to the Department of Planning, and execute the requests of the Board and report its actions to the Board.
· Shall consider five (5) members a quorum for a Zoning and Land Use Committee meeting and a majority vote of the Committee Members present at a meeting shall be sufficient to achieve a consensus on an issue.
· Shall take direction from the Board and present recommendations to the Board.
· Shall be responsible for implementing the policies and directives approved for the Committee by the Board.
· Shall place upon the Committee Chairperson the responsibility of assigning duties to the Committee members in order to implement the policies and directives assigned by the Board and those determined through the committee’s own volition.
· Shall place upon the Committee Chairperson the responsibility of designating a member who shall set the meeting agendas and be responsible for required postings and recording the minutes.

3 thoughts on “Zoning & Land Use Committee

  1. What kinds of property taxes are proposed by this proposed development on 10635 Woodman Ave? Will this be a tax exempt due to the church status?? If so what about the 28 unit apartment building??
    I am totally against this church being built here!!!

  2. I need help finding info on zoning laws for fences. I want to install one and want to make sure i do it right. Thank you in advance.

  3. Our firm would like to contact Mission Hills Zoning Comittee/Administrator name and phone number. We are currently in process of preparing to file a zoning administrative adjustment with los angeles department of building and safety for Notice of Non Compliance for existing property setbacks for our client.
    Please call us so that we may discuss this matter in further detail.
    Thank you.

    Byron Villagomez
    Prisma Construction


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