Outreach is considered to be a permanent and on-going function of the MHNC. The Outreach Committee is a standing committee consisting of community stakeholders and Board members who shall be appointed as deemed necessary by the Board.

Chair: Rojelio Perez

Members:  Joe Fuchs, Susan Fuchs

The Outreach Committee:

· Meets at least once every quarter.
· Is chaired by the MHNC Board Member.
· Contains 3 (three) Board members so that a majority of a quorum of the Board will not be present at its Committee meetings.
· Is expected to make regular and continuing efforts to inform and solicit input
and MHNC participation from diverse elements of the community.
· Performs outreach on its own volition and by direction of the Board, and
reports its actions to the Board.
· Will recommend and establish a process by which the neighborhood council
will communicate with all stakeholders on a regular basis in a manner ensuring that information is disseminated evenly and in a timely manner.
Besides the three Board members, the Outreach Committee shall additionally contain 4 (four) other stakeholders appointed by the Board. A quorum for an Outreach Committee meeting consists of 5 (five) Committee members. A majority vote of the Committee members present at a meeting is sufficient to achieve consensus on an issue.
The Outreach Committee takes direction from the Board and presents recommendations to the Board. It is responsible for implementing the details of the policies and directives set for it by the Board. It is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Committee to set meeting agendas and to assign duties to the Committee members in order to implement these policies and directives.