January 26, 2024 Assemblymember Luz Rivas held a Caltrans Freeway Beautification Town Hall online. Caltrans made a presentation about current beautification and safety projects underway. You can check out the project locations and progress in their presentation deck: SD20_AD43_Caltrans Town Hall_ Clean CA Program PPT- 1.26.24

They then reported on efforts to mitigate flooding that happened on the 5 freeway near Lankershim last year. View the maps and report on their Lankershim presentation deck: SD20_AD43_Caltrans Town Hall_I-5Lankershim PPT-1.26.24

Sheldon pump plan

This report includes news about upgrading the Sheldon pump house, a project which will be completed in 2024. The water is planned to be pumped via a 36″ pipe down Morehart Ave to Fernangles Park as part of the Stormwater Capture project, planned for construction 2025-2028. The Lankershim pump house is also planned for upgrades.

Lankershim pump plan

You can watch the Town Hall here: