Last week Mission Division saw the number of burglaries double from the previous week. The areas hit the hardest were south of Nordhoff and the area between Polk & Hubbard. These took place mostly during night hours between midnight and 6 AM.

Follow a few simple steps to prevent becoming a victim. If you are planning a summer or weekend trip, let a reliable neighbor or friend know you are leaving. Make sure all windows and doors close and lock properly. Use timers for lights and other electronics. If needed put a hold on your mail so it doesn’t collect in your mailbox.

If you are home always keep your doors, including garage, closed and locked. If you need to open a window for air make sure it can lock in place and open enough to allow air flow but prevent large objects, such as a human, from entering. Never leave windows open at night, criminals will always take advantage of this opportunity. If you must leave a window open for cool air, make sure its in the room where you will be sleeping. Again lock it in place so only air can flow through and no one can climb through. Make it so if someone does try to enter it will make noise and alert you. There are different window locks available for different types of windows. If you notice a person or vehicle that doesn’t belong in your neighborhood call the police. Get a good description of the person, vehicle, etc to pass along to dispatch or officers.

Criminals take advantage of situations to get into ones home. Make it difficult and make them feel uncomfortable.

If you have any questions regarding neighborhood watch meetings or quality of life issues contact your areas Senior Lead Officer or Mission Station at 818-838-9800.