In 2011, Los Angeles adopted a Bicycle Plan that includes a network of bike facilities spanning the entire city.

In 2013, LA DOT proposed installing 0.4 miles of bicycle lanes along Devonshire between Haskell and Sepulveda within the right-of-way. This installation will bridge the existing bike lanes on either end and create a continuous bike lane from Topanga Canyon in Chatsworth to Woodman in Arleta (8.7 miles). The then-department manager of DOT, signed off on the project in October of 2013.

The proposed  project would include restriping only. No excavation or construction will occur as a result of this project and will not change access to existing facilities and properties. On-street parking spaces will not be eliminated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ray Garcia  Zoning and Land Use Chairmen Member.