The Mission Hills Neighborhood Council needs your help. We are forming an Ad Hoc Sub-Committee to assist our Zoning and Land Use Committee with the Mission Hills Plaza Redevelopment Project and Primestor Development.

Sub-committee members will:

1. Develop and direct public outreach and communication under direction of the Zoning & Land Use Chair & Committee.

2. Draft public meeting agendas under direction of the Zoning & Land Use Chair & Committee.

3. Prepare and interpret survey data compiled.

4. Discuss issues raised at community meetings and collaborate with the Zoning & Land Use Chair & Committee to contribute stakeholder input for consideration.
5. Compile and draft committee reports to be presented to the Zoning & Land Use Chair & Committee to be used at monthly BOG meetings.

6. Establish sub-committee procedures and rules with a simple written plan that also covers guidelines on how the case will be managed and assignment of subcommittee members to various tasks. Case management under the direction of the Zoning & Land Use Chair may include but would not be limited to:

    * Starting and maintaining a case file.
    * Start and maintain contact list of all parties/resources assisting and supporting the case.
    * Start and maintain a calendar for the following: Land Use Sub-Committee meetings, Board meeting and Community meeting dates at which matters concerning the case will be addressed and at which a Primestor representative may be requested to attend; City Planning Hearing(s) date(s); Approximate dates of MHNC newsletter publication in order to take advantage of newsletter as an outreach tool.

Appoint the following tasks: a) representative to attend all Case Hearings and who will act as liaison for all communication with Zoning Administrator assigned to case. b) Liaison for all communication with Primestor. c) Liaison for all communication with CD7. d) Outreach coordinator to work with the Outreach Committee for notices published in newsletter, e-blasts, web site, flyers et cetera. e) Representative to manage any possible media.

Interested stakeholders interested helping in the redevelopment process of Mission Hills Plaza please contact: MHNC President David Guzman at