Mission Hills Neighborhood Council (MHNC) is an officially recognized advisory council, and part of the Los Angeles citywide system of neighborhood councils.
The PURPOSE of the MHNC is to participate as an advisory body on issues of concern to the MHNC and in the governance of the City of Los Angeles and to bring together all stakeholders within the community.
Our MISSION is to serve all members as the coordinating and information clearinghouse for community issues. The issues to be addressed will be determined by the MHNC Board of Governors (Board) with input from the stakeholders; and to provide an inclusive open forum for public discussion of strategic issues concerning City governance, the needs of this community, the delivery of City services to the Mission Hills area, and on matters of a citywide nature.
It is the POLICY of the MHNC:
· to respect the dignity and expression of viewpoints of all individuals, groups, and organizations involved in the MHNC;
· to remain non-partisan with respect to political party affiliations and inclusive in operations including, but not limited to the election process for governing body and the appointment of committee members;
· to utilize the Early Notification System to inform the Stakeholders of matters involving the City of Los Angeles and Mission Hills in a way that is tailored to provide opportunities for involvement in the decision-making process;
· to encourage all Community Stakeholders to participate in all activities of the MHNC;
· to prohibit discrimination against any individual or group in the operations, policies, recommendations and actions of the MHNC on the basis of race, color, creed, religious affiliation or belief, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation,
age, disability, marital status, gender, financial situation and/or economic status, sex, income, or political affiliation or belief, or perception of any of the aforementioned;
· and to have fair, open, and transparent procedures for the conduct of MHNC business.

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  1. Here is what was on the MHNC website for years: The history of MH.
    Mission Hills History

    Mission Hills is home to the San Fernando Mission which was founded in 1797, the Andres Pico Adobe which is the 2nd oldest adobe home in the City of Los Angeles and built around 1834, Memory Gardens in Brand Park (park built in 1812) where many wedding photos are taken annually, Providence Holy Cross Hospital which was completed in 1962, Fire Station 75 which opened in 1959, Mission Area Community Police Station which was established on May 1, 2005 and 2 landmarks in Mission Hills for over 50 years is the Bear Pit which opened in 1954 and Empire Hardware which was established in 1957. Most of our residents remember “Dennis Park Bakery” which was established in the early 1950’s. It got its name from our community, which was named “Dennis Park” at the time.. When our community was first being developed back in 1952-53 with a large sub division which came along in 1955, we were called Dennis Park. The voice of our community was our Chamber of Commerce. A movement by several local residents and established businesses to change the name of the community occurred and a vote was held on whether to officially change the name from Dennis Park to “Mission Hills”. Residents didn’t want people to think our community was related to “Dennis the Menace”. An election held in 1956 resulted with 65% in favor of the name being changed to “Mission Hills”. . The name was chosen with the “Mission” in mind. By 1959 the sign welcoming you to Dennis Park was taken down and was repainted with “Welcome to Mission Hills”. Where this sign ended up throughout the years is a mystery.

    If interested please post on website. Betty Ley


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